Andrew Burton Tierra del Fuego, created from bricks reclaimed from the sea
Tierra del Fuego, Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China 2011
Pen, Maladrerie Saint Lazare, Beauvais, 2011
The Earth, fired clay
Mushroom Factory, Chinese European Art Center, 2011
Cupboard, detail, Chinese European Art Centre, Xiamen, 2011
Andrew Burton, Stell, brick, 2008, a dry wall sculpture using 20,000 bricks
Stell, fired clay, 2007
Making Bithooras, National Craft Museum New Delhi 2011, a collaborative project
Making Bithooras 2011, National Craft Museum, Delhi
Making Bithoors - in progress at the Craft Museum, Delhi 2011
Making Bithooras 2011, National Craft Museum, De;hi
Buttress - for Cafka 2011, Kitchener Ontario
Andrew Burton, Light Vessel, 2014
Andrew Burton, Light Vessel, glass, 3m x 1m x 1m 2014